3D Roulette Premium Game Review – Enjoy Premium Action

The 3D Roulette Premium game was launched as a sort of follow-up to the highly successful 3D Roulette game from Playtech. Being created by the same developer, this one was released in August of 2018, and it brought a new view of the 3D roulette wheel and table with it. Throughout this game review, we’re going to be informing you on everything that the 3D Roulette Premium game incorporates. So, you’ll soon learn that there’s plenty more to enjoy about it, other than its wonderfully designed 3D wheel. We’ve also got it available here in free play mode, so you can have a few bets on it with demo money. With that being the case, let’s find out what else you can expect to witness when playing this online roulette game.

The Initial Appeal

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3D Roulette Premium pretty much runs in accordance with its predecessor – 3D Roulette. It’s for this reason that you can expect to play a version of European Roulette when accessing it. Therefore, you’ll see that there’s a single zero on the wheel, and you’ll get to benefit from a higher RTP rate at the same time.

A standard roulette table is also present, allowing you to place wagers on all of the basic betting options. This means that you’ll have options for even/odd, red/black, single numbers and more. Both inside and outside bets can be placed in this respect, but if you’d like to participate in additional betting options, you simply need to click on the More Bets button. This will expand the table and provide you with extra wagering options by way of a racetrack.

Playtech Adds a Little More to 3D Roulette

If you do take the opportunity to expand the betting table, then the racetrack should be clearly visible on your screen. This features a variety of special called bets, starting with the Voisins section. This allows you to place a wager on all neighbours of the green 0 on display. Moving across, you’ll see the Orphelins (Orphans) special, which covers the two remaining sections of the wheel outside the aforementioned Voisons and the last section, the Tiers. Last of all, 3D Roulette Premium gives you the possibility of placing Red Splits or Black Splits bets.

The game also has a couple of special features that you can make use of while you’re playing. These include the possibility of using the Turbo function to speed things up, as well as the Autoplay function, which will allow you to select a certain number of spins to be conducted automatically. Should you wish to continue with the same bet in each game round, you can press the Repeat Bet button to make things quicker, too.

Your Betting Opportunities

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Even though 3D Roulette Premium is a little more advanced than its predecessor in terms of its features, this doesn’t make it any harder to play. You’ll find the gambling chips at the bottom of the game screen, and the minimum bet that you can place is €0.20 per spot. Per round, you’re able to place bets of up to €1,000 collectively.

Unlike the initial 3D Roulette game, this version of it doesn’t come with so many layout customisation options in it. There is still a wrench on display at the top-right of the game screen and clicking on this allows you to activate or deactivate certain features. However, you don’t have the possibility of altering the appearance of the roulette wheel itself. You can still view your gaming history from the same wrench icon, though.

Playtech’s 3D Roulette Game Payouts

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This roulette game only has a house edge of 2.70% attached to it, meaning that you stand much more chance of being successful with your bets than in some other roulette variations. With regard to the payouts that 3D Roulette Premium provides, there is a variety of these for you to take note of when placing bets.

Should you place a bet on any single number, and it wins, you’ll receive a payout ratio of 35:1. Odd or Even number bets will provide you with a 1:1 reward, as will Red or Black bets. The same is true of Low or High number bets, too.

Utilise a Strategy or Two

If you’ve played the first version of 3D Roulette from Playtech, or even if you’ve played any standard version of European Roulette, then accessing this game and putting a strategy to use shouldn’t be too difficult for you. As it happens, there isn’t really a specific strategy that can be advised upon when it comes to roulette games of this ilk. A tip to go forward with it, if you haven’t accessed such games before, is to start out with smaller bets. Additionally, you can try it out in demo mode first to get a good feel of how it operates and how you’re paid out for bets.

Find Out More About Playtech

The 3D Roulette Premium game is designed, developed and distributed by the Playtech brand, which is perhaps the most popular and well-respected developer in the industry. This is why the game has such appealing graphics and gameplay for you to experience. Playtech is responsible for a number of other roulette games as well, like French Roulette, Premium American Roulette and Video Roulette, amongst others. It’s not only roulette that Playtech involves itself in, though. Various slots, blackjack titles and more are available from the developer, like Gladiator and Blackjack Pro, respectively.