Top Scandinavian Casino Game Reviews


Online gambling has always been a murky field, with most people unsure of what applies in their case. Is it legal? Will I get into trouble if I gamble? What games can I play? These are some of the questions that often go through people’s minds before placing any wager. Does this sound like you? We are here to put your mind to ease by breaking down the legalities of online casino gambling and how you can navigate this industry.

Who are we?


I’ve worked in a lab, and experimenting is well-ingrained in my spirit. So, when I say that I am always up for what’s next, you can see how it all meshes. I do not have a favorite casino game. Instead, I work with what feels right at the moment. Then, of course, I back it up with a strategy!


Poker is my favorite casino game of all time. People often ask how I can withstand all that thinking and calculation. But for me, if a game is not challenging, then I do not want to play it. What would be the point?


I prefer to think of myself as an inventor, and I am always looking for new ways to win at casino games. Of all the games, I stick to the classic slot machine games. Seeing the symbols turn and feeling the breath caught in my chest is all the adrenaline I need to keep going.

Casino Gambling in the Scandinavian Region


Betting and lottery games are not new to the Scandinavian region. So, it follows that online casino games would also be popular in this growing market. If you are a Scandinavian, you already know that Scandinavians love to pay for entertainment or fun. With their love for a challenge, they are more likely to play games with the lowest return to player percentages. After all, if you can be one of the few thousands to win a game, that puts you right at the top, no?

This love for a challenge has seen Scandinavians spend money on lottery tickets and casino games. Casino games are especially gaining more traction with more countries easing the laws on gambling. As more operators offer casino games, more Scandinavians are sure to join this trend.

Why is gambling so common in Scandinavian countries? – people do not look at it as a problem in most cases.

What are the most popular games in the Scandinavian region?

Of course, each nation is home to its specific regulations, which, in turn, influences the game availability and uptake. We will get into each region in-depth in later articles, but for now, we can sum it up as:

Scandinavian region

  • Sweden: Poker games top the list. Online casino games have also been on the rise, increasing the games variety in relation to the land-based casinos.
  • Norway: Foreign casino operators have found a home in this country, with several online betting sites setting up shop here.
  • Finland: Online gaming is much more liberalized here, paving the way for sports bets, lotteries, and scratch cards. On the casino side of things, classic slots and video slots take the day
  • Denmark: You will easily find your classics in the casinos operating in this region. From poker to roulette to blackjack, you can pretty much find anything. Online slots are also quite popular.
  • Iceland: Gambling in Iceland is not as widespread as in other regions. However, online gambling is on the rise.
  • Faroe Islands: Even with a few casinos operating in this region, you can still find a good site where you can wager your money.

What do we offer?

We understand the legalities of gambling in each Scandinavian region, and we are more than happy to walk you through:

Gambling Laws

As much as the authorities are now embracing casino games, some regions are still facing stringent restrictions. We will advise you on what applies in your country, where you can find licensed operators, and how you can toe the line. The last thing you want is to get involved with an unlicensed operator who can up and leave with your winnings. You also would not want to get into any legal trouble, would you? We will make sure this does not happen.

Casino Gambling Basics

Casino basics

Are you new to online casino gambling? We will take you through the basics of this wildly entertaining pastime which can quickly become your career. By detailing the casino games and their gameplays, you will be much better positioned to place a wager. We will also take you through some of the proven tips to gamble without dipping into your savings.

Casino Gambling Strategies

Winning in casinos is not only about luck, and anyone who wins a lot will tell you the same thing. While you cannot win all the time, you can quickly increase your winning chances. How? By following key strategies! We will walk you through the most popular strategies and what makes them unique. Additionally, we will get into some of the previously used strategies and why they are no longer as effective as they once were.

Best Casino Gambling Operators

Not every gambling operator is licensed, and not every operator will deliver what they promise. It is especially the case with online gambling, where just about anyone can set up a site and offer gambling services. To help you stay safe, we will outline the licensed operators in the Scandinavian region. We will also get into what makes some of these sites better than the others. We will also cover how you can also choose a good site by following a few fundamental rules.

Best Casino Games Developers

Do you ever consider the software developer when choosing a casino game? It’s about time you did. Some casino software developers offer better games and a wider variety than others. So, if you want to enjoy better RTPs and game selections, this would be an excellent way to gauge casino operators. Besides, some are more trustworthy than others.

Where do we get all this information? From our experiences, those of others, and trusted independent third-party sites. When we are not playing casino games, we are questioning casino sites and their services. When we suggest that you work with a casino, you can rest assured that we have tested its services and can confidently use them. For anything related to the Scandinavian gambling industry, you can count on us to keep you posted. How does that sound? Good? Let’s get started!