NewAR Roulette Review: What Are We Dealing with Here?

Any tech-savvy person will tell you that the term “AR” is an acronym for “Augmented Reality.” This technology superimposes computer-generated images and sounds on a real-world view to create an enhanced experience. Think of games like “Pokémon Go” or the camera filters in apps like Facebook and Snapchat.

If you’re familiar with the term, you’ll be surprised to find that Playtech’s NewAR Roulette has nothing in common with Augmented Reality. While the name might be a misnomer, the release does have some intriguing features that are worth checking out. Our review will tell you about every interesting aspect of the game, allow you to play it for free, and give you casino recommendations should you decide to bet with real money.

Let’s Start with the Basics

New Ar

This version of roulette uses the European rulebook as its basis. You have a wheel with 37 slots – a single green pocket for the “0,” 18 black ones, and 18 red ones. The layout of this “AR” Roulette packs all of the inside and outside bets that you might expect – straight-ups, splits, streets, corners, odd/even, red/black, and so on.

However, what makes the game stand out are the two NewAR outside bets. The first one covers all even red numbers, while the second — every odd black position. It’s also worth noting that landing on “0” will also pay if you put money on these bets. However, keep in mind that the “La Partage” and “En Prison” rules are not active. In other words, you won’t get a chance to recover your stakes in rounds where you had a 1:1 bet, and the ball falls in the green pocket.

Called, Final, and Favorite Bets

In NewAR Roulette, Playtech has decided to include the racetrack option to supplement the standard numbers grid. This area gives players the opportunity of placing the multi-chip called (A.K.A French) bets with one click. Keep in mind that only Tiers, Orphelins, and Voisins are available. If you want to play Jeu Zero, you’ll have to set it up.

While we’re still on that topic, you’ll be happy to know that there are four fully-customizable wager slots. Just put your combination on the table, then locate the “Star” button at the bottom right, and save it for future use. The last special wager category in NewAR Roulette is Final Bets. These cover numbers that end in the same digit like 1, 11, 21, and 31. Click on the icon to the right of the custom bets to open the dedicated tab.

How to Play and Customize NewAR Roulette


The first thing you should do when inside the game is to check the wagering limits. This is done from the card with the golden borders that sits to the right of the wheel. Clicking on it will reveal the min/max values for each of the inside and outside bets. The amounts are usually €1-€100, but some casinos can tweak them to their liking.

To start playing AR roulette, select a chip from the bottom of the table and place it on the layout or racetrack. You can then press “Spin” or adjust your bet with the other three buttons that pop up. If you’re lucky, collect the winnings and decide how you want to continue.

The history section at the top right corner will tell you the results from the last 8 spins and how big of an area your current wager covers. The statistics tab (above the “star” icon) shows hot and cold numbers, and you can also bet directly on it.

In NewAR Roulette, Playtech is also giving you some nice customization features. Using the buttons in the top-left corner, you can change the camera angle, table color, and the direction in which the wheel spins. The sound settings sit in the opposite direction. The functionality of the volume slider is obvious, but keep in mind that you can trigger fast-play and further tweak elements of the audio from the spanner icon.

Give the Demo a Spin Here

Do you want to give the game a try? You won’t have to spend a penny, as our NewAR roulette review has a demo version up and running around the clock. Feel free to experiment with the new bets, try crazy combinations, and see if any strategies can bring you luck.

NewAR Roulette RTP & Payouts

New Ar Roulette

If you venture to the “Help” section in search of the theoretical RTP of this title, shock might ensue. At 94.60%, the value is even lower than that of American roulette, which is known for its high house edge. We were also stunned upon this discovery, so we set out to unravel the mystery.

The wheel and paytable are identical to European roulette, and the rules don’t have crazy stipulations that reduce profit potential. So, the only suspects left are the two NewAR Roulette bets. Each member of this couple covers 24% of the wheel and pays 3:1 if you hit an even red number or an odd black one. The “0” is also a winner, but only gives you x2 your stake.

Needless to say, the odds of this duo aren’t too great if they increase the house edge by nearly 3%. However, if you skip them, you can enjoy the 97.3% return typical for the classic wagers.

Tips for an Enjoyable Roulette Session

Your entertainment and knowing when to stop are the only things you should be concerned about when playing NewAR Roulette. If you put some skin in the game, do note that there’s no way to beat the mathematical advantage of the house. With the exception of good luck, of course.

Progressive and regressive strategies such as Paroli, James Bond, and Martingale might help you over the short term, but you have to be aware of the risk that they entail. A moderate losing streak of 5-8 rounds can bust your budget or cause you to hit the betting limits, and the potential gains are usually not worth it.

NewAR Roulette and Playtech Games at the Best Online Casinos

Many of today’s top online casinos license Playtech products. This makes it easy for players to find a safe place to bet with real cash and claim awesome promotions along the way. Operators like, William Hill, and Bet365 have NewAR Roulette and hundreds of other quality games in their portfolios.

If you’re looking for more wheel-spinning action, try “Premium French Roulette” and “3D Roulette.” The live dealer tables are also a great place to find traditional and less usual offerings. Those who’d like to switch the genre can check out the company’s branded slots. Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” and the legendary “X-Files” are just some of the Hollywood blockbusters that have an iGaming adaptation.