Extreme Live Gaming – A Full Review

Extreme Live Gaming pretty much explains what it operates with from its title – live dealer gaming. The company has been operating since 2013, and its sole purpose was to introduce people to a selection of live casino games. Originally a part of the Novomatic group, it had great backing from the very start, and within just a few months of launching, it had built up a reputation amongst various top-name casino brands. It was in 2019 that the company was acquired by Pragmatic Play, and it now provides its games under the Pragmatic Play Live Casino moniker.

What Products Does Extreme Live Gaming Provide?

Extreme Live Gaming has its foot firmly in the door of live dealer games, which is what it started out with offering and what it continues to provide to this day. When Pragmatic Play acquired the brand, it operated ten tables, covering roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and all of its games still take place in the company’s studio, based in London. Roulette games remain as the most prominent game from this developer, although there are a couple of alternatives available in blackjack and baccarat, too.

The collection of games consists of the following options:

Extreme Gaming

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Speed Roulette
  • Roulette Italy
  • Roulette Germany
  • Roulette Russia
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette Macao

Online Casino Games from Extreme Live Gaming

It could be said that Extreme Live Gaming requires a bit more variation in the types of live dealer games that it provides. While roulette is a popular option for many people, so too are baccarat and blackjack. That’s why it would be ideal if Pragmatic Play Live Casino introduced some extra blackjack possibilities, like Common Draw or Side Bet Blackjack. That being said, there’s still time for these options to become a reality, so it’s something to watch out for in the future.

Other than the live dealer games from this brand though, it doesn’t place any focus on anything else. So, don’t expect to see slot games, standard digital table games, video poker, progressive jackpots or others from Extreme Live Gaming. While Pragmatic does have a handle on some of those alternatives, they aren’t anything to do with the Extreme Live Gaming section of the company. Instead, this area of the brand focuses solely on providing an exciting live dealer game experience.

Roulette Options Available


Roulette stands out as the biggest focus from Extreme Live Gaming, considering that there are six possibilities in this sector. Granted, four of those versions are actually just the standard version of roulette, but three of them are controlled in different languages – Italian, Russian, German – while the fourth is a Macao version of the game. These variations of the game, as well as the standard live Roulette option, are accessible through desktop and mobile devices.

The other variation that is currently available is Speed Roulette, which recreates the feel of a land-based casino for players. This means that gamblers are able to place bets even after the spin of the wheel has been completed. Because of this, things also take place much faster as well, hence the name, Speed Roulette. What’s more, the company aims to release La Partage Roulette in the near future to compliment its current various roulette options.

What Blackjack Options Are Available?


It may be true that there is only a single version of live blackjack available from this developer at current, but that doesn’t make it any less inviting. The company still utilise high-quality graphics and high-definition streaming in this game. Apart from having a wonderful in-game atmosphere, players also get the chance to involve themselves in various blackjack features as well. These include the Bet Behind and Extra Side Bet functions. Plus, playing the Extreme Live Gaming version of blackjack offers multi-player and multi-seat functionalities alongside.

Whether or not the company will release any additional live versions of blackjack in the future remains to be seen. It does seem like it has more of a focus on roulette games for the time being. Yet, blackjack has a lot of appeal for casino gamers, so hopefully there will be some attention given to this game in due course.

Other Live Dealer Games from Extreme Live Gaming

The only additional live casino game that this developer provides is baccarat. While there isn’t quite as much room for providing alternative variations with baccarat as there is with blackjack and roulette, it would be nice to see at least one other option on hand. Baccarat, as with the blackjack option, remains as a popular offering for live casino sites. So, Extreme Live Gaming could do with putting a bit more emphasis on the fact that this is also something that it provides.

Bonuses at Extreme Live Gaming Online Platforms

If you become a player at an online casino that utilises live games from this brand, there’s the possibility of receiving a bonus from such sites, too. Not a huge number of casinos offer rewards that can be used on live dealer games, but the ones that do allow you to specifically choose a live games promotion. This will usually require you to make your initial deposit and the site will then give you a percentage as bonus funds on top. Usually, such a bonus can only be put to use on live dealer games.

More on the Live Casino Options

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Originally, the live dealer studios for Extreme Live Gaming were solely based out of London, the United Kingdom. Yet, it has also opened up studios within Bucharest, Romania to broadcast some of its options, which has taken place via the Pragmatic Play brand acquisition. Each of the games has its own highly trained, professional live dealer to proceed with the control of gameplay, and each table has its own set of 4K quality cameras picking up all of the ongoing action.

Mobile Accessibility of Extreme Live Gaming Titles

The live dealer games are created in HTML5 format, and this means that they can easily be accessed from desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Therefore, Extreme Live Gaming can reach a wider audience with its games due to this. While downloadable apps may not always be available from online casinos for this, that doesn’t stop you being able to visit the platform through your handset’s web browser. The games will then automatically be optimised for use via a smartphone or a tablet, for example.

The same high definition and quality of the games will be experienced this way, too. So, you don’t have to worry about not having as good a gaming experience overall. Instead, you can play the games from any location where you have a connection through your device. The full range of live dealer games are accessible this way too, so the catalogue isn’t weakened by you playing through a mobile device.

Safety and Security with Extreme Live Gaming

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It’s important that a software developer makes use of high-quality technology and that it’s also operating legally. Extreme Live Gaming (or rather, Pragmatic Play Live Casino) holds three different gambling licences. These come from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Romanian National pentru Jocuri de Noroc and the Malta Gaming Authority. Furthermore, the company has additional licences and certifications planned for the future.

All games go through thorough testing to ensure that they provide a fair gaming experience to players, too. This means that the products are certified by an independent and internationally recognised Accredited Testing Facility (ATF). Pragmatic Play works very closely with those licensing bodies in order to provide players of its games with a world-class live dealer experience.

Extra Information About the Extreme Live Gaming Brand

The original Extreme Live Gaming brand was launched in 2013, basing itself solely out of London. The studios were completely based in London as well, and it continued as a privately held company right up until the Pragmatic Play takeover. From there, things expanded a little further, with the opening of the studio in Bucharest in April of 2019. All live games from this brand now go under the Pragmatic Play Live Casino sector heading.

To Conclude with…

Extreme Live Gaming may not be the name of this company any longer, being under the control of Pragmatic Play instead now. However, that doesn’t make its games any less appealing. Instead, when you sign up to a casino providing such live games, you’ll get a fair and secure gaming experience. And with the portfolio of games to continue expanding, there’s no telling what titles will be available in the near future.